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The most effective and modern GEOLOCATION solution in the country. Native Software and compact devices for a variety of uses.

Key people, vehicles or entire fleets, goods and containers; Ubiqo offers non-invasive and highly adaptive equipment for absolutely any personal or business geolocation need.

Superior features

  • - Last Location Registry
  • - Real Time Information
  • - Historic Registry
  • - Geo-Fencing and Geo-Routes
  • - Notifications and Alerts
  • - Reports

Our web system is compatible with PC
and Mac, we also offer native software
for iOS and Android.


Vehicular Geolocation

The device itself has sensors to detect adverse conditions on the road, curves, and even fuel consumption. But we also offer expansion accessories such as panic buttons, motion sensors, proximity sensors and a battery pack.


We are designers, developers and owners of all:

  • - Software
  • - Hardware
  • - Middleware
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Full control over platform customization.

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