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Softelligence was born in May 2006 in the city of Queretaro, Mexico
as a result of the spin-off of Fasst SA de C.V's Development Division.
A company with over 25 years in the development and sale of Information
Technology solutions

Softelligence holds the years of experience developing custom applications in different languages for different platforms, inherited from Fasst, and incorporates years of experience in websites and applications development from its partners to meet market needs in professional web development, which is the software segment that is lacking the most in the country.

In Softelligence, our developers, analysts, designers, beta testers, project managers and other staff use the most modern management tools in the market, and we meet the highest quality standards that the industry requires. We are part of the Cluster of Information Technology InteQsoft in the city of Querétaro, and in turn we are linked with research centers and universities in the region to offer world-class turnkey developments.

If you have any requirement for development, either a single application or an entire turnkey project, contact us and we will make a proposal that meets your needs and budget. Discover why we are one of the fastest growing web development companies in Mexico.

Mission Being a self-sufficient and profitable company, using indicators and procedures that allow us to consolidate the areas for a highly trained, efficient, creative, proactive, committed team, as well as objectives that lead to expansion in domestic and international markets .

Vision To implement indicators and procedures to all areas of the company, and in turn, increase the efficiency of the human capital for a good organizational climate, an increase in the customer base, and profit.

Objectives Less costs and more profit
Optimization of Resources
Motivate identify and correct areas of opportunity
Seek ways to transmit and share knowledge
Prepare an induction course for new employees
Keeping people the Day
Provide the necessary conditions to achieve, meet the challenges and commitments
Encourage effective communication


Our principles make Softelligence a very attractive option for customers requiring systems developed under the best cost-benefit ratio.

ALWAYS ON TIMEIt is a fact that most software developers deliver their projects with a considerable time lag; being aware of this situation, we guarantee that our projects will be completed on the agreed dates.

NO PRICE UPGRADESAt the moment the deal closes, you can be sure the amount agreed upon will be definite.

NO MISTAKESNowadays, we are accustomed to commercial software containing errors and needing updates. We do not believe that a system can be considered as finished if errors still exist, which is why we guarantee that our programs are delivered free of erros.

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